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Membership and application for membership

We have different kinds of membership:

  • National membership is representing the population of people with deafblindness in their country. Each country can only have one national member, and the board of the organization has to have at least 50 % persons with deafblindness.
  • Individual membership is open forindividual persons with deafblindness, not representing the population of persons with deafblindness in their own country. Individual members have the right to speach in the GA, but not vote.
  • Associate membership is open to individuals, organizations and instituations who are in agreement with the aims of WFDB.
  • Sponsoring membership is open to individuals, organizations and instituations who want to support WFDB financially.


If your organization is interested in joining WFDB, or cooperating with us, please fill out the appropriate application for membership and submit it to the below contact address. In case of difficulties in downloading the forms or questions about type of membership, please contact us at the address below (or fax, or e-mail) and state:

  • Name of the organisation
  • Name and position of contact person
  • Official mailing address, telephone, fax, e-mail address if any.
  • Type of organisation (organisation of persons with deafblindness, support organisation, parents’ organisation … ).